Pricing your short term rental can be as easy as using a dynamic pricing tool but if you arenSTR’t considering local events to make adjustments, you may be losing out on opportunities to increase your profits. The Great Smoky Mountains have great events lined up throughout the year and being aware of when they are happening can help you to anticipate peak times that pricing tools may not be aware of. Familiarizing yourself with events can also help you to attract guests – if your listing shows potential guests all of the great events they can enjoy while in the Smokies, your listing may move to the top of their list! The best part of this strategy is that you don’t have to plan or set anything up – the Smokies have done that for you!

The team at The Best BNB Host has a blog post where they list upcoming events being held in the Smokies that you can use in your listings and to optimize your pricing!

They update their blog post periodically to keep it a relevant and valuable resource for STR owners.

View the full blog post here

utilizing events to price your str